Alberta Outdoors Coalition Society Objectives:

1. AOC will provide advocacy and networking resources for like-minded Alberta’s outdoors organizations working towards the preservation of responsible recreational access and the enhancement of Alberta’s wilderness and natural resources.

2. AOC will provide a united front on issues relating to land access and land use planning for AOC members, while permitting each member the ability to address issues of specific concern individually.

3. AOC will work with the Alberta Provincial Government and its agencies, Alberta Municipal Governments and their agencies, and any other provincial, national, or international bodies that may affect the interests of AOC members.

4. AOC will create a website to:

  • inform the public of government and non-government initiatives relating to outdoors issues.

  • Land advocacy resources

  • iii.   News and information relating to the outdoors

  • iv.   Promote member groups

  • v.    Engage youth

  • vi.  Provide public access to the member group expertise

  • vii. Educate and promote for the responsible use of our wild spaces and our continued privilege of access and enjoyment of public lands.

5. AOC will formulate strategies and present policies for the development and management of responsible recreational access and wilderness and natural resource enhancement in the Province of Alberta.

6. AOC will be structured to allow for receiving donations and fund raising ; to build, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire equipment, buildings or leaseholder improvements; to support and mobilize volunteers or hire staff or enter into such other contracts or service agreements as may be necessary from time to time to achieve the objects of the association.

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